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Song Marketing On Rocket Fuel!

Unlike some services that promise you much yet offer a taxi ride keeps you in the dark as to what exactly happens with your songs, making you question, "Are they really doing what they claim?" our reports detail the who, where and when.

Unlike other song pluggers for hire, we offer relentless song marketing., feedback and additional services aimed at making your songwriting or song publishing profitable.

If you have songs that are viable in the marketplace, we will figure out where to place them.

For example, let's look at the typical path a song takes once you join Song Rocket:

Your song catalog is given to our pluggers who listen intently. They note many things about your work....whether the song demo features a male singer or female, can the lyric be considered open to either a male or female artist? What's the tempo? Style? Subject? Once they have detailed as much a they can, it's time to pitch your catalog to industry pros.

Is this the type of aggressive, relentless marketing you feel your songs need?

Are you wanting more feedback regarding which of your songs are the best choices to pitch in today's market?

Song Rocket professionals will engage in a way that you will feel supported in your marketing efforts and feel like you are getting your money's worth!